Private Tour 10/13/2018

Cloudy, and rather chilly, but nice for hiking.

Anecdotes about Fire God and Water God and the monkey boss.
How fascinating the guests seemed to say, judging from their expressions.
The other N prepared illustrated Chinese characters with its original forms of six senses at a wheel of stone. They all read Chinese characters, so they must have understood them quite well.

One of them even read some parts of the inscription of the temple Bell made in 1631.(Rs introduction to one of the oldest historical relics of the Yakuoin)They showed interest in all kinds of topics, ---a list of 厄年, charms,Asagimadara, 108 delusions( Who counted them?) , and so forth. Good listeners!

Since we had the information that “one of them had difficulties hiking in rough terrain”, we took the Fuji trail to the top. However, she had to ask how much more to climb at each turn. With everyones encouragement , we all made it to the summit. Our greatest achievement for this tour! ( N helping carry her handbag! I had to smile to myself……how funny it looked, but how sweet and kind of him.) At the summit, our heroine wanted the picture of herself ,alone right next to 高尾山頂. We celebrated with her, and were proud of her, too.
Cozy, relaxed and friendly all the way. 

They treated us to late lunch at Takahashiya. Another live conversation on families, marriages of young people, the Japanese society and Singapore and so on during the meal. 
We also got two key holders. Thank you so much, Generous guests!
You are always welcome. Come back anytime!

( by Ryo )


The JICA tour on October 6, 2018

The tour was very gorgeous for guests because 8 TENGU members guided 2 guests. Ms. Moshi Esther Epaphra(nickname Esther) from Tanzania and Mr. Banjong Prawit(nickname Pae) from Thailand are the guests.                             We 8 members explained many sightseeing spots by turns. Guests were interested in our guiding talk and asked many questions. Through answering questions, we talked much, and enjoyed conversations.
Esther and Pae touches octopus statue in order to draw good fortune.

After lunch, Chiko, a member of TENGU held a training session for ORIGAMI, traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Under Chiko's guidance, we folded paper cranes. Esther and Pae acquired the skills perfectly and completed beautiful paper cranes.
Chiko teaches how to fold paper crane.

After ORIGAMI, we sang a Japanese song. It was "HAKODATE NO HITO" which is one of hit songs of KITAJIMA SABURO who is the most popular ENKA singer. Nao, tour leader of TENGU prepared words and musical score of the song, so all of us sang the song together.ORIGAMI and ENKA would be a memorable experience for the guests.                                                                                One week before the tour, the 24th typhoon of this year hit the Japanese Archipelago.The maximum wind speed was 45.6m/s in Hachioji City. A lot of trees in Mt. TAKAO were broken branches and several trees were blown down. It was quite rare scenery.
a tree blown down from near the root

in front of KIYOTAKI station
(by Koba)


Report of the tour of 24th September 2018

 Very favorable for us was that our guests chose Trail No.6 for descending from the summit, though it was popular and normal Trail No.1 for the ascent.
Today’s guides, Kate and myself both love to walk on a mountain trail, and to take up topics on plants, very rich alongside of the Trail No.6. 
On chairlift. When we take it for ascent, we have to look back for enjoying a nice scenery
 Before going into details of our guiding, we should describe how nicely our guests got acquainted with each other.A young lady from Hong Kong, Anita who’d applied to our program met a lady of similar age from Australia, Bianca for the first time on the day.Anita told us of the web site called “Kanpai” where is available a program of searching fellow travelers. 
Kate, showing plants of this month on a booklet

Guests at the entrance gate of the temple.
  Among the plants I took up, Japanese Yam, sticky stuff often eaten with buckwheat noodle, or so-called “Three-pronged leaf” or “Mitsuba grass” having a nice fragrance and used for Japanese clear soup seemed to be impressive for them. 

On a stream of the Trail No.6
Above all of the aforementioned, we should say many thanks for them to have chosen Mt. Takao during their limited stay and their very first visit to our country.
Usual shot at the summit.
      ( By Sumo)


The JICA tour on September 1, 2018

On the first day of September, the sky over the mountain was covered with clouds and the air was very humid.
Contrary to such a gloomy weather, our guests this time were cheerful 14 people all coming from Africa.
As they are very friendly, we hit it off together immediately.

There were fewer hikers on that day, so we walked at our pace while taking much time for photos or talking about Japanese religion or culture.  
Some guy started a quick Japanese lesson for another guy, and then I could hear some simple Japanese words coming from here and there. They were staying in Tokyo for about a week and then moving to other parts of Japan to start their studying, so some Japanese might be helpful.

On the top, the guests from South Africa introduced their national anthem with one of our member s at lunch time.

Before leaving the top, we could see the Mt. Fuji despite of a cloudy sky. I didn’t expect we could. It might be that Mt, Fuji wanted to say “Hello” to our nice guests.

Preparing for a tour as a tour leader is a bit hard work, such as checking the weather forecast all the day, organizing people, making sure of every detail. However, having a nice time with wonderful guests is really rewarding. I felt refreshed after the tour.

To our guests, thank you for joining us and I hope you can make a good memory in Japan!



The tour on the 19th August, 2018

In front of the cable car station
We had 3 guests today, 2 young ladies and a young man, all from Philippines.The 2 ladies are temporary residents in Japan, working together in Tokyo. They are friends in Philippines and the young man visited Japan to see and do sightseeing with the 2 ladies.
legendary Octpus Ceder Tree

We took the cable car up and walked to the top, stopping at various points of interest on the way. They were very good guests for us guides, because they listened to our guiding talk with great interest and at the same time were enjoying conversations we had as well.

at the summit
Unfortunately we couldn’t see Mt.Fuji on the top and started climbing down after lunch there. We hadn’t decided beforehand the route going down and asked the guests which route they would like to take. It seemed to be an easy question for the young man who said that he is a nature lover and would like to walk on the natural trail rather than on a paved road. So we took Inariyama course down, which they seemed to be enjoying all the way.to the foot of the mountain.

When we arrived back at the Takaosanguchi station, we found that the parade of “Omikoshi” (Portable Shrine) and “Shishi-mai” (Traditional Lion Dance), which were climax of the summer festival held at nearby Hikawa Shrine, would start soon. So we took them to the festival, when the parade of “Omikoshi” and “Shishi-mai” just started.
They were so absorbed by the spectacles unfolded before their eyes that we decided to finish the tour then and leave them there to let them enjoy the festival to their satisfaction. The summer festival was an unexpected something extra, that made today’s tour even more delightful for both of us guides and the guests.  
You don't know how hard it is to carry an Omikoshi up the steep steps to the shrine

Octopus Dumpling-popular Festival food- You can't do anything on an empty stomach
Shishimai-Lion Dance
Written by Nori  


A gentle hike in severe heat wave on July 24th

On the previous day at Kumagaya city, 60km north-west from central Tokyo, recorded 41.1 degrees Celsius, the highest ever in Japan. A deadly heat wave blistering across Japan has claimed more than 30 lives this month, with a little relief in sight as record temperatures are expected to persist until this week. The media reported that eleven people, mostly senior citizens, died of suspected heatstroke on Saturday July 21st alone.

Among these high-temperature and humidity, we guided a nice couple from Belgium. I and my colleague guide are also senior citizens though young in spirit. So, we were conscious to take the water and a rest at a good time. My colleague guide prepared a towel in which a refrigerant was put and bound a neck then cooled it.

We met at the exit of Takaosan-guchi station at 9:30AM. After introducing ourselves, we took cable car to half-way up, then took trail-1. Along this way, there are Octopus Cedar Tree, the first gate to the sacred area called Joshinmon gate, Jinben-do small shrine, and the stone monument of no killings. We took men’s slope that has 108steps of which number showing human’s worldly desires. At the Yuki-en, we explained the white structure of a stupa, where the ashes of Buddha were enshrined, which were given in 1931 by the king of Thailand. The woman of the couple was born and raised in Thailand. To this friend-ship, we thanked each other and wished to keep it.

We took lunch at summit. As we had thought we could not see Mt Fuji from there. Taking Fujimichi-trail then Cable car for going down. Coming back to the foot, near the station we dropped in the café bar then enjoyed drinking beer, coffee and tea. They were to go for one -week Kyoto trip from next morning. Now they are living in a small town in Belgium near the French border. So, during the stay in Kyoto, hoping to visit the small and calm town. We thanked and hoped them to enjoy the visit of Tokyo, Kyoto.   (Comson)


The tour on the 16th July 2018

Today's guests were 4 business men, 2 Israelis, an English man and a Japanese, all at their prime and hard workers. The all 3 foreign guests just arrived at Japan in the morning on the day but were fully ready to enjoy the tour, showing no trace at all of fatigue from their long flight. 
The recent weather at Mt.Takao had not been so good with frequent occasional rain and. the forecast we checked on the spot indicated a possible local thunder storm. Actually it was getting dark and the weather seemed to be deteriorating when we started the tour at 14:30. 
We took the cable car to the upper station, then walked to Yakuoin Temple via trail No.1 and to the top of the mountain. In spite of the weather forecast, we didn’t encounter any thunder storm and instead, the cloudy weather gave us cool breeze, making the hiking rather comfortable.  
On the way down, we took trail No.4 which crosses the popular suspension bridge. At this stage, some of the guests complained of sore foot muscle. We had planned to take the chairlift going down, but could not make it in time, because it stops operation at 16:30. So we took the cable car again and safely arrived back at the Kiyotaki Station around 17:30.  
During the tour, we learned that the guests were buyers and sellers, who were going to have tough negotiation the next day on. Wishing the successful negotiation, we bid each other goodbye there. Have a nice rest, all of you guys! 
Written by Nori


TENGU Tour with international students on July 7. 2018

We welcomed five international students from five countries who are taking part in JICA program. They are from Ghana, Palestine, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines. What an international tour it is! Besides, seven Japanese participated in the tour as a trial. We divided them into two groups and started to hike. Enjoy seeing photos of the tour, which are saying everything!
On the suspension bridge on Route #4
On the top of Mt. Takao
Sally, a TENGU guide, shows a participant how to purify oneself in Yakuo-in Temple.
In front of Shi-ten-o-mon, The Four Guardian Gods’ Gate

In the green forest
In front of the cable car
In the cable car
In front of a shrine called Izuna-Gongen-Do
A lot of Smiles after the tour

(Reported by HIDE)