Report on the private tour of 24th November,2017

It was fine in the morning, but changed cloudy in the afternoon.
Our guest was a family of three-generation from Singapore. 
he youngest was 15 years old boy and the oldest 80 years old who was his grandfather. 
We met them at the Takao-san Guchi Station at around 9:40 a.m.
Shortly after we exchanged greetings each other, we started the tour. 
When we arrived at Kiyotaki Station , we saw many visitors waited for taking the cable car. So, we took a chairlift to ascend.
During the tour, family were so busy to take photos of autumn leaves changed into red and yellow at the observatory near the cable car station, at Yakuoin-temple ,the summit and the foot of Mt. Takao.
After we had lunch near the summit, we arrived at the summit shortly.  A lot of people gathered and crowded. 

We took them at the viewpoint to see Mt. FUJI. 
Fortunately, we could see Mt. FUJI covered partially by the clouds .  
What I was impressed in this tour was the big assistance for the oldest man while he climbed and went down trails on Mt. Takao. Namely, his son walked arm in arm with him. I believe this support made him arrived safely at the foot.
I deeply moved his behavior for his father.

We exchanged greetings each other with good-by and left there.

(written by NABE)


Autumn Color ! 23rd NOV. 2017

Today we guided two young couples from Indonesia for Mr. Takao Hiking. In the morning they missed the train they should get on at Shinjuku, and got the local train for Takaosanguchi Station, so we met at Takaosanguchi station one hour behind. 

The hiking course was below.
Start Cable car à Trail 1st à Yakuoin à the summit and Launch
For return: Trail 4th à Trail 1st à Chair Lift à Returned.  
Today it looked like “Week End” because a lot of people visited here. Yes, it was in the mid of autumn color season. 

The guests and we really enjoyed such a colorful forest while taking pictures, chattering, and often listening/presenting at guide points. They knew the name of “Garuda” of Indonesia Airline came from Karura-Ten. 

We could not view of Mt. Fuji, but we could have comfortably lunches in the wood table at the summit. They decided to visit Mt.Takao with our guide for one day of their 10 days Japan trip. We felt proud of guiding them in Mt.Takao today.    (Nori and Tim)


Report on the monthly tour of 19th November, 2017

Thanks to an earlier start than the norm by an hour at 8:30, we were quite free from huge crowds rushing here for enjoying full autumn foliage on a sunny Sunday, and enjoyed the hiking of our own.

Today’s guest, Pop-san from US, having a nice plan to visit his son living in one of sub-tropical islands called Amami, perfectly prepared for this hike without taking cable cars. A pair of walking poles, trekking shoes, winter clothing, and above all, we were so amazed by his proposal to arrive even earlier than the fore-mentioned time!!

We were also ready to fix the route depending on conditions of the crowds, though fortunately, we didn’t have to change our initial plan, as follows.For going up, Trail No.6, Inariyama trail, Trail No.5, Momijidai plateau, Summit of Mt. Takao. And for descent, Trail No.1, No.2 and Biwa Fall Trail.

He is very knowledgeable, too.
This was the first time that we talked with our guest on triangulation system and its history at the summit of Mt. Takao. Also in other area, we could easily jump into details of nature and culture of our country.
In many cases, he was my guide, too!!  (by Sumo)
 At Momijidai with my colleagus, Gucchi and Yoshi


Our guest was a young happy lady. Why is that?

Today’s guest was a young happy lady from Singapore (She had a reason to be happy).
Her plan according to her tour application was to start around noon and walk all the way, up and down. We were worried that starting time would be too late for such a walking tour, considering the time required and sunset at around 4:30 pm. and so we explained to her. But she had planned it even before she arrived in Japan and wanted to carry out the long cherished plan. As “GUEST FIRST” is our important policy, we gladly decided to follow her plan.
We started the tour around noon with the explanation of the statues of “Sweeper Boy” and “Giant Flying Squirrel”, then took Trail No.1. Though it’s a week day, the beautiful weather brought many visitors to Mt.Takao and Trail No.1 had more hikers than usual. We stopped at Kompiradai lookout, which commands a good view of distant skyscrapers in Shinjuku and the famous row of yellow colored gingko trees along the route 20 that is running through Hachioji City, to which Mt.Takao belongs. Just for your information, a gingko tree is the symbol tree of Hachioji city and the city is hosting “Gingko Tree Festa” in November every year (Nov.18 and 19 this year).
We kept walking up, enjoying the scenery of forest and colored leaves. We saw many families with kids who were singing and smiling, that made us smile. 

Oh, I forgot to tell about the guest and why she was a happy guest. She had visited Japan many times before with her family or friends, and this time, she accompanied her fiancé, who is visiting Japan for business. So now you understand why she was a happy guest. I tell you that she did really look one. 

Arriving at the cable car station (upper station), we showed her the gaping hole of the ceiling there that is a nest of the flying squirrel, as well as the highway tunnels that can be seen from the station, with a small story about the similar tunnels running under Mt.Takao. Then we covered Beer Mount(one of the best lookouts at Mt.Takao), Monkey park, Takosugi(Octopus Cedar Tree), Two climate zones with their distinctively different trees, Johsinmon Gate , Otokozaka(Men’s Slope), Yukien(literally means Joyful Garden, where there is a stupa with Buddha’s ashes enshrined) to reach to Yakuoin Temple Main Hall, then to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see Mt.Fuji, we enjoyed the autumn leaves, red and yellow all around over lunch there. Then we started going down around 3:00pm via Trail No.4, crossing the popular Hanging Bridge en route and then back on Trail No.1. We all had agreed beforehand that whether to fully walk down or to take the chair lift down should be decided when we arrive at the chairlift station, taking into consideration the guest’s condition and the length of the waiting queue for the chairlift . When we arrived at the station at around 3:30, we were told we would have to wait for 45minutes or so. We, however, decided for the chairlift (not because she was tired but we wanted to show her and she wanted to see, the beautiful scenery from the chairlift). Luckily we didn’t actually have to wait so long and could soon get on the chairlift, fully enjoying the splendor of aerial autumn view. 

Thanks to the happy guest and good weather, we had a really good time and hope she enjoyed the beauty of Mt.Takao and the tour with us.
We saw her off at Takao station, who was joining her fiancé for dinner. We are sure she had another good time.                (Written by Nori)


Our guest was a jovial young lady

 In spite of the rain on the previous day, the weather turned out to be perfect for the tour. The guest this time was a jovial young lady from Malaysia. She was energetic as well. Arriving at Japan early in the morning on the day and after checking in at the Hotel in Asakusa, coming straight to Takaosanguchi Station to meet us. 
 She arrived at the station much earlier than the time we had mutually arranged and thanks to her timely contact with us, we could start the tour around 10:00am, 30minutes earlier than the original plan. 

 The tour started at the statues of “Osoji Kozo” (Sweeper Boy) and Giant Flying Squirrel in front of cable car’s Kiyotaki Station, then we took the cable car up to Mt.Takao Station (the upper station). As it was a weekday, visitors were not so many as we had been worried, making it unnecessary for us to que for the cable car for long time. 
 Our first visit was to Beer Mount (a beer garden near Mt.Takao station). It is not that we wanted beer but that it is one of the best look out point at Mt.Takao. (to prove our innocence, I have to tell you that Beer Mount is operational only in summer season). From the terrace at Beer Mount, we enjoyed a panoramic view of Shinjuku and other Tokyo metropolitan area (though the Sky Tree was in a haze), as well as nearby mountains and trees.
 Then we took the Trail No.1, covering Monkey Park (we didn’t get in, though), Takosugi (Octopus Cedar Tree), Vegetation Cover of Mt.Takao, Johinmon Gate.
We were lucky that the guest could read and understand the writings on the tablet and board hung on the Gate, which made our job as a guide much easier. We kept going on the Trail No.1 to Yakuoin Temple via Otokozaka (Men’s slope with 108 step stairs), visiting Yukien on the way, where we enjoyed reddening leaves of maple trees.

 Before visiting the main hall of Yakuoin Temple, we visited Eight Dragon Kings Hall (Eight Dragon Kings are believed to multiply your money if you put your money in the basket and wash it in the water there) and Kulikara-do Hall (Dragon King Kulikara is enshrined there, who is considered to be the god of match making).
Guess which the young lady guest were more interested in. See the photo for the answer!

 We made it to the top of the mountain where Mt.Fuji welcomed us. After lunch there, we started climbing down, taking Trail No.4 to cross the famous suspension bridge, which, with the background of red and yellow leaves, is a photographer’s favorite spot.

 We went down the mountain by chair lift, enjoying the splendor of the mountain and city view in autumn color. As mentioned at the beginning, today’s guest is young and energetic, so the tour didn’t end there. We then walked 15minutes or so to “Komagino Garden”, where a pre-war modern Japanese traditional private house with traditional Japanese style garden are exhibited together with the exhibition of well taken care of Bonsai trees. 
 Inside the house, they serves drinks (coffee, tea, juice etc.,) and sweets to visitors and our guest was so kind as to offer us, guides, a cup of coffee, which we accepted with thanks. We walked to the nearby railway station (Takao Station) and we bid each other a good-bye there.

 All of us, the guest and we, the guides, had a really good time and we hope her visit to Mt.Takao will be a part of her happy memory of her stay in Japan this time.
(Written by Nori)


Report on the tour held on 4th November

 Not easy, not at all for us to have a hiking tour of a big party in this busy season when so many people visit here for enjoying nice autumn foliage.
Actually, November is the busiest month of the year here at Mt. Takao.
It’s a fine day today, and autumn foliage already started earlier than norm.
I think the number of visitors stepping on the summit of Mt. Takao today would well surpass 30,000, if based on the past statistics. 
                                                                   At the temple
 The crowd naturally causes a long line for many facilities including cable car and chairlift.
Yes, we had to wait for more than an hour in total to get them.
Even a group photo at the summit have to be abandoned due to a long line.
Moreover, it enforced us to concentrate our attention on watching our guests all the way in order not to lose them.

 For taking a lunch, we were ready to sit on plastic sheet spread over the ground.
But, we miraculously managed to get tables for all members by an effort of the youngest colleague, Lin who also made a big contribution later to shorten the waiting time for chairlift by rushing to the station beforehand to get numbered tickets for all members. 
                               Nao’s lesson of folding paper, Origami
                   The usual final shot at lower cable station. Sorry Lin, your nice face half hidden.

Anyway, I’ve realized necessity of improvement of my ability of management of the tour.
I just hope the level of satisfaction of our customers nearly got to “acceptable”.
                                                                                          (by Sumo)