Try a bit different hike --- from the back of Mt.Takao

As the hiking site Mt.Takao is becoming more and more popular among the people, it has been no rare matter that we meet crowds of tourists here and there in Mt.Takao.
Some people like to take a different course to avoid these throngs and start their walking at the back of Mt.Takao.

Look at the simplified map of the back of Mt.Takao Here are some key points of the itinerary:

  The recommended walking start point is the HIKAGE bus stop, where you can reach by about 15 min bus ride from JR Takao Stn. North exit (No.2 bus line bound for KOBOTOKE.  
  Hikagesawa Camp site: Walking from Hikage Bus stn, you will reach Hikagesawa Camp site in 20 to 30 min. Here the road forks off in two directions:
RightHikagesawa Rindo: Selecting the right path, you go into Hikagesawa Rindo. This passage with about 3.5 km length leads to the top of Mt.Kobotoke Shiroyama.
《Left》 IROHA-no-Mori course: The left passage is a kind of short cut to the top of Mt.Takao
compared to the Hikagesawa Rindo, leading to the middle of No.4 Trail                                                                                                
  Mt.Kobotoke Shiroyama: waliking along Hikagesawa Rindo for about 1 hour, you will reach the top of
        Mt.Kobotoke Shiroyama where rest and refreshment facilities with wash room are facilitated.
        Here you can enjoy remote views of Sagamiwan(in the south), Mt.Fuji(in the west) and/or
        Minami-Alps mountains(in the north).
  Itchodaira, Momijidai: You can enjoy about 1 hour trekking from Mt.Kobotoke Shiroyama to the top
of Mt.Takao along Kanto Fureai no michi. via these rest spots. This path is a little narrower than Hikagesawa Rindo and has several easy-to-walk up and down slopes.       
  Top of Mt.Takao and further area: Coming close to the top Mt.Takao, you will see pssages
    become more and more crowded. Further sightseeing spots are probably well known to most of visitors. You can choose your favorite spots as you like.

At the end of this article, let me add one thing : I met a foreigner(lady) at the lift station.
The lift station was extraordinarily crowded. A long procession of the people waiting for the seat of the lift has been formed, however, it was not easy to find the tail end of the procession. I saw a lady walking around to find where to get the ticket and another ticket to specify the order of the procession (by group) . This procession system so complicated that even most of Japanese visitors were not sufficiently understood.
I talked to the lady and showed where the end of the procession is and explained the procession system shortly.
After that we talked about miscellaneous topics, among which I found that she is spending a somewhat
elegant life in Japan. She stays in Japan 12 to 13 weeks in summer time working for a university in Hachioji for these three years. She said that she loves Japan and this way of living in Hachioji.
She has known not only the major sight-seeing spots of Takaosan but also Hikagesawa Rindo and said Hikagesawa-Rindo is very refreshing and comfortable.
Maybe this is a common feeling of the people who experienced Hikagesawa-Rindo.



Treasure every meeting.

On July 19th, we had seven guests who are four young ladies and two young men from Philippine and their Japanese friend. The day before yesterday, typhoon which hit the southern Japan had gone to north. So we had a clear sky. But very hot and humid because the typhoon brought hot air and much rain to Japan. For ascent, we got on chair lift it took 12 minutes to middle of Mt.Takao, during the ride, we enjoyed the summer gentle winds.

 Almost of them are first time to come to mt. Takao. Along with no-1 trail, we guided prospective view point of Kasumi-dai where we could see Tokyo Sky Tree it's elevation is 634 meters. 
Do you know the altitude of mt. Takao. Yes, it is 599 meters. Tokyo Sky Tree is higher than mt. Takao.
Then we walked along N0-1 trail, explaining Octopus cedar tree, Shimenawa-ornament, Joshinmon-gate, Stone monument of "take no life", male path and female path, meaning of 108 worldly desires, nest of giant flying squirrel, young cedar tree offering plaque,Shitenoumon-gate, Niomon-gate, main hall,gongendo-hall and so on.

 We arrived the summit around 12:40, then took lunch. After then one of our member gave us a picture story show which warned us that failure might happen when we felt at ease.

Accordingly for descent we were very careful so that we did not slip on stepping stones and tree's root to get the foot of mountain safely. The guests were very friendly, then we shook hands with each of them. Maybe I might not see them again.
I remembered the phrase of Japanese tea ceremony, "treasure every meeting, for it will never recur."
by comson


Tour of Sep 20th

Since a U.S. family planning to travel Japan had contacted us through our TENGU homepage a few month ago and asked to guide them Mt. Takao, we are expecting the family with TENGU Bingo game for their children.

Blessed with the fine weather, the tour went on smoothly in spite of the people jams. Parents, a son and two daughters are all older for the bingo. But they enjoyed TENG Bingo. So Kimi’s first Bingo trail was successful!

After being lifted up by the cable car, we walked up all the way through Yakuouin Temple to the summit and descend on No.6 trail, which is natural path along the stream.

(By Shirley)

TENGU Tour Activity Report

Five guests of a family from USA, and three Japanese joined 9/20 TENGU Tour.

 On September 20th Mt.Takao was quite crowed like Shinjuku-station, since It was first day of Silver Week ( Autumn Holiday Week), and the weather was fine.
We got on a cable car after waiting 20min. A lot of visitors were walked on the path, so we often checked head counts of the guests

At this time one of TENGU Staff introduced Mt. Takao Bingo game. It was interesting, because our guests could learn Mt. Takao through the game, so it should be continued.
During the hiking we made presentations many guide points for the guests. In addition we chatted with them while walking.
We returned to Kiyotaki-Station at 3:30pm. It was one hour behind the plan, but I was happy because nobody got lost! By Tim



Voices from our guest.

Mr. Benedict joined our tour  in September and he had send us nice letter which we would like to share.

Good after noon.
We were very grateful to your team for sparing your time and resources to guide us on the referenced.
The hospitality of the Japanese people was surely demonstrated. Kudos to your team and keep on doing the good job.
Kind regards.
Benedict Mutunga Joseph

Thank you Benedict for joining us.  Good luck with your studying at the graduate school and hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan.

By Comson and Cat


Thanks to all of our guests.

Recently the weather in Japan including Tokyo has been unstable, but it was fine only on 5th September like in an eye of typhoon. 
We started Mt. Takao tour with two groups for seven guests around 9:30am, who were from Pakistan,Lebanon, Namibia,Botswana, Kenya and South Africa. 
My group had three guests from Kenyaq and South Africa.

The guests diligently heard our presentation for guide points , and often asked us questions. 
We enjoyed practicing some rituals for praying and purifying, Praying at Jinpen-Daishi do hall, Going up 108 steps on Otoko-zaka, Handing around the stone wheel for purifying the six senses, Cleansing hands and mouth in Temizuya, Passing through the monument circle for realizing wishes,and Praying at the main hall and the main shrine. 
Finally Everybody could be Buddha??

We reached top of the mountain around the noon, but could not see Mt Fuji due to fog. What a pity!! 
Area of the summit was crowded, so we moved to Momiji-.dai and had lunch there. 
During lunch time we had an event to sing "Udagi"in Japanese together with guests. Pretty good!!


After that we returned while chattering each other. 
At Kiyotaki station we had wrap-up meeting, and took some pictures for all participants. 
At the end we visited new Takao 599 museum where displayed all nature of Mt. Takao visually. 
I believe all of guests enjoyed hiking in Mt. Takao. 
Of course we really had a grand day and international interaction. 
All guests, thanks a lot!! 

By Tim