Private tour on 22th May

Because of the unusual storm yesterday, we had a very few hikers today. Ideal mountain walk, pleasant breeze, fresh green trees after the rain and a congenial company, what more do you wish for. We were greeted by gorgeous “Sekkoku” (Dendrobium)in full bloom at the cable car station. There was another pinkish one at the arrival. A GOOD START!
Our guests today know Japan quite well. They are Japanese American and come here twice a year. They even walked the Kumano Kodo Trail- 8 hours long hike. Probably most of our guides have never walked that world heritage pilgrimage road. They visited Bonsai garden in Saitama. Jody makes bonsai himself and bought a rhinestone container as a gift for himself.
In front of Iizunagongendo, Keita used his beautifully illustrated chart of Shinto and Buddhism and Shugendo syncretism.
At noon there were a lot of small children having lunch and playing near our usual resting place. At our secret hideout, all tables were open. We had a comfortable lunch, but at about the end of our meals, caterpillars here and there. More and more we noticed on the rucksack, on the shirt, on the pants and so forth. That’s right, we had the information of the recent outburst of Kiashidokuga caterpillars from our colleague. Time to leave.
On the trail No.4 Keita pointed out, Gaku-utsugi, Maruba-utsugi- white tree flowers along the way, and Ebine. We also noticed a lot of Yukinoshita and Shaga flowers on No.1 trail.
Jody kept rotating the wheel of perception stones every time he found one. Each time he got the sign, he was asked what it was by two ladies. Twice he got the “tongue” out of six senses. On that Patricia’s comment, you got it again “ Watch out your tongue.” He likes gardening and has all kinds of flowers and plants. He said, “ I like plants. They don’t talk back to you”

We were glad that Nancy could join us, because Patricia seemed to enjoy talking with Nancy all along the way. I’m sure they enjoyed each others company.
Thank you for good ice cream at 599 museum and a gift of GODIVA chocolate 
for each of us.   
With fond memory Ryo.



Monthly regular tour 21st April, 2019 No.2

We had 12 guests today, who were divided into 2 groups, namely a group going up by the cable car and one climbing up on foot. This blog covers the climbing up on foot group, consisting of 7 guests and 3 TENGU guides (Shin, Keita and Kimie).
 We chose Trail No.6 to climb up because one of the guests said, “I would like to be healed by rich nature.”Indeed, Trail No.6 has rich nature such as many plants, animals, beautiful stream and a big waterfall.

We climbed up with twice short break then we arrived the summit.

 We went down Trail No.1 going through Yakuoin Temple. The 7 guests were very interested in Yakuouin Temple.

 We were so lucky to see inside of Buddhist Stupa because today was the day of the Spring Festival of Yakuoin Temple.

We used Chair Lift to go down and we said good bye in front of Kiyotaki station.

I want to see them again.          (by Kimie)


Reiwa, New era’s first hiking tour welcomed by thunder and rain

On May 4th, we held a hiking tour greeting 6 guests of JICA from Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Tonga, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar. Other than that, a Japanese enrollment applicant. The weather was fine with a little bit cloud in the distance.
 We met up at Takaosan-guchi station around 9:30AM. Today, a lot of people were visiting Mt. Takao. This year the golden week vacation lasts 10 consecutive holidays from April 27 to May 7. Thanks to celebrating holidays of new era, Reiwa.

The Japanese calendar is based on the number of years the Emperor has been in the throne. Former Emperor stepped down at the end of April. From May 1, new Emperor ascended the throne. So, until the end of April was Heisei 31. From May 1 is Reiwa 1. Heisei era (1989~2019) lasted 30years.

The fresh air and green leaves made us comfortable. We took cable car for going half way up, then Trail no-1. At the Kasumi-dai observatory, we could see plural buildings in the direction of central Tokyo. Usually we can recognize the skyscrapers of Shinjyuku, but today spring haze disturbed it. On the way to the Yakuo-in temple, guiding some spots. We reached to the top before 1 pm, where were very crowed and spring mist also prevented to look at Mt.Fuji.

For going down we took Trail no-4, which is a narrow mountain path. Along it there is a suspension bridge.
On the way to Joushinmon-gate, sky was gradually changed into darkness, then we heard several loud thundering. Then there was also terrible rain.
Because of this sudden encounter of thunderstorm, the operation of cable car and chair-lift were suspended. We walked to the foot of Mt.Takao, arrived there around 15:30 safely.
Guests wished to get on the chair-lift but couldn’t. We always welcome you guiding next opportunities. We ended this tour with the memories of nature’s greatness and fury.   (Comson)


Monthly regular tour 21st April, 2019

We had 12 guests today, who were divided into 2 groups, namely a group going up by the cable car and one climbing up on foot. This blog covers the cable car group, consisting of 5 guests, 2 TENGU guides and a tour observer, who is interested in joining TENGU.
All the 5 guests are young and happy ladies and gentlemen from Iceland (an Austrian by nationality), Germany, India, Hong Kong and U.S.A. 
The weather was perfect and we started the tour in high spirits!

It happened to be a Spring Festival Day of Yakuoin-Temple, one of the destinations of our tour.
Praying for sound and healthy growth of their children, parents were taking them to the temple, who are dressed in a special dress for the day.

Many ceremonies and events were held at the mountain and the temple. Performance of traditional Japanese drums and Lion Dance attracted many visitors.
Unfortunately, we could not see Mt.Fuji due to cloud.
We took photos at the summit to prove our great achievement.

After lunch, we took No.4 Trail, crossing the famous suspension bridge and climbed down via No.1 Trail to the cable car station at the foot of the mountain, where we happened to meet the other group.
We took photos of both groups together and ended the tour there in a happy and festive mood.

(By Nori)


The Private Tour 2019-4-14

Leader  Ryo  Supporter  Nobby

9:30  station - cable car - trail no.1  11:05 summit - 12:15  Icchodaira - lunch 12:40  start - 13:50  Fuji trail - 15:10  lift - 15:30  599 MuseumGuests   Annaline and George , an American couple from New Jersey , USA“We want to see the cherry blossoms at Icchodaira” was their wishes. Reading their mail, you can tell that they are the seasoned travelers. 

1.      Great English Practice  

We talked all the way as pairs for five and half hours. Our members! Never miss a good opportunity, three or four of us can take part in this kind of tours, and plenty of chances to talk.

Weather forecast last night and this morning was “ cloudy and  would start raining sometime in the afternoon.” I even warned
them to prepare for the rain.

This in mind, we started out this morning, but what a wonderful sunshine we had during the lunch time, warm and bright , perfect OHANAMI with full cherry blossoms( hill cherry) against the blue sky. Especially at Icchodaira, we found ourselves an open space on a little hill below the SHIROYAMA look out , although the tables were all occupied, it was the best place to enjoy our lunch. They praised the Japanese convenience stores, because they carry all kinds of Obento to choose from, a joy! joy!

3.  The blind leads the blind

From the Takao summit, we went to Icchodaira.  Along the way, we didn’t take the main trail to avoid the wooden stairs. Instead we decided to take the narrow nature trial, but I made a mistake of following the two men going down in front of us and missed it to turn to the right to Ichodaira. Nobby noticed the wrong trail, thank God, we went back up. Climbing up the same road was the greatest trial of this trip. What an experienced guide I am! We could laugh later, because we were OK, otherwise it might have been great tragedy. I humbly learned the greatness of nature. (Yama no kowasa – the fear of mountains) The lesson “Never follow the route that you don’t know.”  I depended on someone else. 

Annaline’s hobby is gardening, she cultivates all kinds of flowers and herbs, so naturally she is interested in flowers and plants, taking pictures of Aoki flowers and Eizan sumire and so on all along the way. George loves music. Eric Clapton’(?)concert they attended the other day. They even have reunions with the Japanese fans in both countries, Japan and America.

Thank you for a good day. Let’s have our own reunions.                        by Ryo


A photograph collection of private tour on 9 April 2019

We had nice guests from Canada and Hong Kong.
Before start tour, we visited shrine at foot of mountain.
The cherry blossom of the shrine ware full bloom.
This guest couple looked happy.

The view of Mt.Fuji was really great.

Finally, we arrived at the summit.
On the famous suspension bridge.