Regular tour on May. 15,2022


Today we have 1 guest from Indonesia.

He came to Japan one month ago and lived in Hachioji city near Mt.Takao.

We met at the station gate of Mt.Takao and start the hiking tour.

Mt.Takao had 599 M in high, so we got on the cable car that let us go up on  the steepest railway in Japan.

We went through the gate that was believed to get rid of your suffering, Kunuke_mon and reached to Joyful garden. There Maki-san explained about many interesting stories about the bronze statue of main god, Izuna.

And then we took the photo of jumping together, that was a great fun.

Please look at our great shot !!

We visited the main temple of yakuo-in temple, and study many tips about Buddhism temple and Shinto shrine, that was explained by our guide Sally.

At the peak of Mt.Takao, we took a lunch and chat about the culture on each country. We enjoy the food and precious moment.

Then we got down on hiking route in the mountain, getting back to the starting point. Again we took a group picture in front of the sation of cable car.

Although it’s a little cloudy day, our guest seem to enjoy our tour and we also enjoy a great hike in Mt.Takao

 (by Gucci)



Warm-up & Remind tour on Dec.4th,2021


In the morning Dec. 4th, a clear and sunny day, 8 TENGU members gathered at Takao-sanguchi station 9:30 am for the first time activity in the past two years: Warm-up & Remind,. This was the first real activity of TEMGU in the age of living with COVID-19. No guest, but a newcomer Goreilo also attended. Nabe’s Sweeper boy started the excursion. Octopus cider, Different woods, Ghost girl orchid, Chestnut tiger butterfly, Nikko maple, Prifying-mind gate, Jinpen shrine, a worldly disiere (Bonnou), The great god Izuna, Main hole, Stupa, Flower blooming goddess and etc. were guided by Sally, Chiko, Kate, Comson, Shin and Nao. Goreilo asked some questions about those. We gradually remind the explanations but some are not yet. Autumn leaves are still so beautiful in Mt.Takao. We reached Fuji sengen shrine at 12:30. We had a closing meeting then dispersed.   

After this tour, I’ve got a cramp in my legs after returned home. Shakuyakukanzou-tou cured it soon.    

In the night 8 pm same day, 5 members have a remote year-end party. We drank and talked about the three big news 2021 in yourself, the three big crises in your life and New year’s resolutions. Those were very fun.



Messages from the representative

I am Nao. I became a representative of TENGU from April. Though TENGU tours are stopping from last year due to COVID-19, we are preparing for restart. We are also guessing the possibility of new type of tour and some events between members. We will work with safety first. Thank you for your cooperation. Tour resume will be posted on TENGU’s homepage. Look forward! 



저는 나오 입니다. 4 부터 TENGU대표가 되었어요. 코로나 유행병으로 지난해부터 투어를 정지해서 1년이 지났습니다. 재개를 향해 준비하고 있습니다. 새로운형태의 투어나 회원끼리의 이벤트를 모색하고 있습니다. 안전제일로 활동할수 있도록 여러분의 협력을 부탁합니다. 투어 재개시는 홈페이지에 알림을 개시합니다. 기다려 주세요. 



JICA tour on February 1st.

Cold but surprisingly very clear weather welcomed 15 guests from JICA. Their country of origin varies 11 countries (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Columbia, Congo, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar).  

For some reason, arrival of some guests delayed, so while waiting for their arrival, we talked about design of Takaosanguchi station which was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Kengo Kuma is the designer of new national stadium renovated for 2020 Tokyo Olympic game. More likely, his name will be popular, and we expect to have many guests as well in this summer.

After successfully meeting with all the guests, we started our tour around 10AM.Firstly, we got on the cable car to go halfway up the mountain, then enjoyed very clear view from Kasumi-dai. It was surprisingly clear view. We could recognize not only for Tokyo sky tree and cluster of buildings of Shinjuku, but also from Yokohama Landmark tower, Yokohama Bay Bridge to Enoshima Island and Pacific Ocean.
From Kasumi-dai, we walked on the Trail No. 1 talking about vegetation, main gates, historical halls and statues along the trail, then arrived at the top of the mountain around noon. Again, it was unusually clear view, all the guests got excited by the beautiful Mt. Fuji covered with snow. 
Near the top of the mountain, we took lunch then enjoyed an attraction prepared by Hide, one of the guides from TEGNU.  The attraction was quiz about Japanized English. All the guests excited with the game, and the winner got awarded 100M yen.

After the lunch break, we started going down the mountain through Trail No.4, then took the chair lift and ended our tour safely around 2:45pm at the foot of the mountain.

Thanks to all the guests from JICA, we hope they will enjoy the rest of their stay in Japan, and safe trip back to their home country.

By Shin


The tour on the 20th January, 2020

The party today is three of us, a young lady guest from Malaysia and us, 2 old guides. You can say Beauty and Beasts.

As she was to come rather far, from Saitama prefecture, we had agreed to start the tour at 10:30 am instead of usual 9:30am.

Though we had been a bit worried about the condition of the mountain because of the snowfall on the previous Saturday, the weather was perfect with blue sky and sunshine and the staff of the information center by Takaosanguchi station told us that there was no problem except that somepart of the mountain trail could be slippery due to the remaining snow.

We took cable car up and walked via Trail No.1 to Yakuoin temple, visiting many points of interest on the way. 
Then we arrived at the summit, where we could see shy Mt. Fuji above the cloud.
Because it was a week day, the summit was not so crowded and we could sit at the table there for lunch, which was a rather rare experience for us guides even on a week day.

Then we took Trail No.4 where there was remaining snow here and there, making it necessary for us to walk carefully. Passing the so called “love-love tree” and crossing the popular suspension bridge, we returned to Trail No.1.

We climbed down by the chair lift, enjoying the fresh breeze and the panoramic view down below.
We arrived back at the foot of the mountain, fully refreshed.
We thank the guest and Mt.Takao for making us old guides feel younger.

Written by Nori.


TENGU Private Tour

Our first guest in 2020 was an English gentleman and the tour was held on 7 January. As it was just after the New Year holiday, there were still decorations for the New Year here and there. We took the trail toward Biw Falls and ascended the steep slope.

The approach to Yakuoin Temple was quiet and there were few people in front of Octopus Cedar Tree.

There was the merry atmosphere of the New Year near Nio-mon and Izuna Gongen-do; our guest seemed to be interested in the various statues like Crow Tengu, Long-nosed Tengu etc.

We took a break for lunch at the uncrowded summit and made a descent through the suspension bridge.

It was cold enough but no rain in spite of the not optimistic weather forecast, so we could have an enjoyable time with our guest. The autumn foliage will welcome you again.



Tour on Dec.21, 2019

Today’s guests are 11 Indian people (from 3 families), 2 of them are currently living in Japan and the rest in U.S.A. They are close friends each other and those who reside in U.S.A. are visiting those in Japan for holiday.

As they wanted to climb up on foot, rather than taking the cable car, we started the tour via trail no.1, a front approach to Yakuoin Temple.

Though it was a cold cloudy winter day, we felt warm or even hot, walking the steepest part of the trail, with someone taking off his coat or out of breath

After we passed the hardest part of the trail, they regained their strength and, walking leisurely, could enjoy the quiet winter scenery around.

Through the Josinmon Gate, we kept going up to the top of the mountain, visiting Yukien garden, Yakuoin temple etc. on the way.

Do you know there are many spots at Mt.Takao, other than Yakuoin temple, where you can get Devine help? For example, you can get rid of 108 worldly sins and desires that in Buddhism, every human is supposed to have, by going up the particular 108 stone steps.

Also there is a gate, by going through which, you are to be liberated from sufferings.

So come to Mt.Takao and be happy!

When we had lunch near the top, Tim san, one of our guides, proposed to all to sing together a Japanese children’s song (a song describing a child waiting eagerly for a new year), which every Japanese has sung in his/her childhood.

Tim san had prepared the score and the words of the song for the guests and with him as a conductor and a main vocal, we, including all guests sang the song in a big big chorus.

As we sang so merrily, hikers at the neighboring tables joined us and we sang all together even more merrily, that was a high light of the tour. Thank you, Tim san, we all enjoyed.

The climate was rather cold but the tour had been going on in a warm and friendly mood from the start to the end.

We thank you all for making the tour a happy and enjoyable one.

Written by Nori