The Tour on the 1st of December, 2018

Today we had 9 guests from Bangladesh, Ecuador, El Salvador, Malaysia, Mongolia and Somalia.

Though the autumnal tint of leaves seems to be approaching to its end, the mountain still attracts many visitors and we had to wait for 15minutes or so to get on the cable car. But once on the cable car, we found that the 15minutes waiting was nothing, seeing the magnificent red and yellow under the sun all around.  
red & yellow all around

We took the trail No.1 to the summit, visiting various points of interest on the way including Yukien garden and Yakuoin Temple, which were ablaze with autumn colors and therefore the most popular places here during autumn season. 

After enjoying at the summit the view of Mt.Fuji in a thin veil of clouds, we had lunch, surrounded by autumn colors.

 We climbed down via Trail No., crossing the famous suspension bridge, which is one of the most popular spots in the mountain in all seasons.

suspension bridge

Mt.Takao is an attractive mountain all through the year, showing its different beauty in each season. Yet I dare say that visiting here on a fine warm day during mid-November to early-December like today is the best and I hope all the guests enjoyed the tour.

Written by Nori


Private Tour on 29th Nov. 2018

We welcomed Singaporean guest who have visited japan 10 times already.

She was taking hundreds of pictures.

Autumn colors was so beautiful.
On the suspension bridge.
we hoped to be rich.
We took a lunch at the colored maple leaves carpet. 
We finally arrived at the summit.

Written by Nosan



Private Tour on 27 November

Our guests were four young and cheerful Singaporean ladies,who wanted to walk up through the Trail No.1. We had a beautiful panoramic view at the first scenic point on the trail,called.”Konpiradaienchi”.
at the Konpiradaienchi
We visited “Beermount”, a popular beer restaurant operational only in summer season and now closed, not for beer but for the grand panoramic view from there.
Then we took them to the giant “Octopus Cedar Tree” . explaining how the name had come. 
      touching the good luck octopus
We visited “Yukien”, one of the best spots to see autumnal tints in Mt.Takao, where we enjoyed beautiful maple leaves in various colours. It seemed we were just in time for the best season.

at Yukien with the colored leaves behind 
We arrived at the top of Mt.Takao, but unfortunately could not see Mt. Fuji due to the hazy sky. Then we proceeded a little further to Momijidai for lunch. 
 at the summit of Mt.Takao  
We descended through the same Trail No.1 to get on the cable car.

 At the very end of our fully enjoyable tour , another splendid autumn colored leaves bade us good bye near the chairlift station which is close to the cablecar station.

near the chairlift station
We very much hope that all our guests had a very good time and will enjoy the rest of their stay in Japan as well.
Nori and Nobby

Private Tour on 26 November

We met a young Singaporean lady guest, Violet, early in the morning, and started climbing up via Inariyama Trail that was quiet and rich in nature.
at the view point of Inariyama Trail

We arrived at Momijidai, literally means “hill of crimson foliage”, which is well known for the beauty of coloured leaves of maple trees around as well as for the scenic view therefrom. The weather was fine and we enjoyed the beautiful Mt. Fuji over a range of mountains. 
Mt. Fuji covered with snow
Then we went the summit to find that the leaves in various colours were very beautiful also there, so our guest was busy taking photos and picking up a few well-shaped leaves for a souvenir.

 near the summit
at the summit 

We took the No. 4 Trail, enjoying the beauty of the autumnal colours of trees and crossing the famous suspension bridge. Our guest, fascinated by the coloured leaves illuminated by the sun, pushed the shutter many times in spite of herself.
on the No. 4 Trail

Then via No.1 Trail, we were headed for Yakuoin Temple, where our guest showed interest in Japanese culture and tradition, like washing hands at Temizuya, a story of Tengu and the God of marriage etc.
 praying to the God of marriage after tying a little bell 

After lunch, we took the chair lift to go down that was like an aerial walking, giving you a spectacular view of mountains and cities all around.

Near the terminal station of the chairlift, Mt.Takao had saved for us the one of the best spots of coloured leaves of maple trees, with which we ended the tour with full satisfaction.
Colored leaves all around near the terminal station of the chair lift

Thank you, Vilet, for joining us today and we very much hope that we will see you again.

Nori and Nobby


Report on the tour of 24th November

A clear view of snowcapped Mt. Fuji having gray clouds in lower quarter in tow seemed to have topped among various nice sceneries for our guests from Thailand, a female researcher of a PhD in Biochemistry, her mother and her aunt.

The view expanded even more when we moved from the summit of Mt. Takao to Momijidai reachable by further 10 minutes walking.

Of course, autumn foliage was in its best with sunshine and without much trouble thanks to early start before 8:00 in such a busy season.

At the temple, we showed some examples of syncretism of Buddhism and Shintoism, as they already visited Sensoji at Asakusa and Meiji Shrine during this stay, and animated phase of this temple contrasted well with conservative temples in Kyoto they are going to visit.

We never failed to visit a stupa where kept inside are remains of Buddha, given by the King of Thailand in 1930. 

Nancy and I also enjoyed the hiking on such a fine day similarly to our guests who were to drive to Lake Kawaguchi located at a foot of Mt. Fuji in the afternoon.

So, I’m sure the scenery of Mt. Fuji in the morning must have been a good appetizer. 
(By Sumo)


Hiking tour on Nov 18th

Here in Mt. Takao, the autumn color season is now on. The red leaves of maples and the yellow ones of gingko trees are seen here and there.
Today we had two guests from Hong-Kong, whose family names are same though they did not know each other at all. According to some reasons, we were not able to meet one of them at the starting time of the tour. But near the monkey park, half way up to top, five of us joined together. 
Weather was cloudy and many people came to expect to view beautiful autumnal leaves. On the trail-1, at temple and mountaintop are full of people to go around.
At the Yuki-en, where we usually see beautiful autumnal colors was slightly early in the peak of colored leaves.
We arrived at the summit around 1:00PM, then took lunch together. Unfortunately we could not see Mt. Fuji.
For going down, we went Trail-5, then Inariyama Trail after that we took Trail-6. Those are natural mountain path.
 One of guests said this was real hiking. We enjoyed walking Trail-6 along the small stream and felt unaffected nature.
We arrived at Kiyotaki cable car station at 3:10PM, then took group photos. We finished today’s hiking tour by thanking each other.
The autumn colors around Mt. Takao are at almost peak at the time of writing this blog and I expect the colors to continue to last for the next couple of weeks. (Comson)


Private Tour on 4th November

Our today's guest was a nice lady from the U.S state of Colorado.

 Because November is one of the busiest seasons for Mt. Takao, we planned to meet at Takaosanguchi station at 8:15AM to start the tour early to avoid congestion, though very favorably, she came to the station well earlier than planned time. Therefore, we could get the tour started before 8:00AM. Thank you for her cooperation. Against the weather forecasts, the sky was already threatening at 8:00AM, and it turned out that earlier start was a good choice and allowed us to get to the summit of Mt. Takao before the rain became heavy.

 As for the tour route for the day, we recognized in advance that she prefers to choose going up and down on foot, so firstly we took Biwataki Road to Kasumi-dai, then took the trail No.1 for the rest of ascent. According to her, she habitually enjoys hiking at Colorado Mountains, so she was a very good walker, and went up the steep slope of the Biwataki Road without any problem. Rather, two of guides needed to walk as fast as we could to catch up with her.

 On the way to the summit from Kasumi-dai, we walked on the Trail No. 1 talking about main gates, historical halls and statues along the trail, as well as species of both Colorado Mountains and Mt. Takao. Both mountains can’t be treated equally, though according to her, at Colorado Mountains, leaves are already changed their colors, and, they have got some snow in October already, while it was a bit earlier to enjoy colorful autumn leaves here at Mt Takao.

Almost at the same time we reached to the summit of Mt. Takao, the rain was getting heavier. Not to mention Mt. Fuji, we couldn't enjoy scenery from the summit, so we took quick lunch at a arbor talking about jobs and daily life of each other, then started going down from the summit.

For the return trip, we took the Trail No.4 to the Josinmon gate, then took the Trail No.1 for the rest of the descent. On the way to the foot of the Mt. Takao, although we needed to walk carefully since the trail was slippery, somehow, we could reach to the foot of the Mt. Takao safely.

 During the tour, we learned that she was very busy travelling around the U.S for her job until October, however, she will be able to be at home for coming two months. So, we wish she will enjoy happy and peaceful holiday season with her family, friends and of course with her fiancé!

 By Shin